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Meet our faculty and staff.

Administrative Staff

Image of Pastor Mike Norris

Dr. Mike Norris, President

In January of 1999, God called Pastor Norris to become the pastor of Franklin Road Baptist Church and the President of Franklin Road Christian School. His heart for preaching and teaching God’s people through biblical principles and his desire to see people grow in God’s Word are evident each day as he leads the Franklin Road Baptist Church and Christian School.

Pastor Norris has received doctoral degrees from Northeast Baptist School of Theology, Shawnee Baptist College, and Midwestern Baptist College.  Dr. Norris currently serves on the board of Baptist International Missions Incorporated as well as the president of the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools.

Image of Kenton Kramer

Kenton Kramer, Administrator

Kenton Kramer began teaching at FRCS in 2007 after serving at another Christian school for six years. In 2011, Mr. Kramer became the administrator of FRCS. Under his leadership, the school has moved forward and experienced substantial growth in enrollment. Mr. Kramer has a vision for the school’s future and passion for Christian education.

Kenton Kramer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education from Pensacola Christian College from which he also received a Master’s degree in School Administration.

Preschool Faculty

Image of Patti Scalf

Patti Scalf

Preschool Director

Image of Lexi Adkins

Lexi Adkins

Preschool Teacher

Image of Racheal Fuqua

Racheal Fuqua

Preschool Teacher

Image of Becca Johnson

Becca Johnson

Preschool Teacher

Image of Karen Norman

Karen Norman

Preschool Teacher

Image of Jodie Olsen

Jodie Olsen

Preschool Teacher

Image of Michelle Weinmann

Michelle Weinmann

Preschool Aide / Food Services

Image of Jill Gierucki

Jill Gierucki

Preschool Aide

Image of Amanda King

Amanda King

Preschool Aide

Image of Anita Dugger

Anita Dugger

Kitchen Aide / K5 Aide

Elementary Faculty

Image of Tori Kramer

Tori Kramer

Elementary Principal

Image of Racheal Fuqua

Victoria Hartono


Image of Maria Stidham

Maria Stidham


Image of Kimberly Waggoner

Kimberly Waggoner


Image of Julie Haese

Julie Haese

First Grade

Image of Beckie Turner

Beckie Turner

First Grade

Image of Emily Gouger

Emily Gouger

Second Grade

Image of Deb Robinson

Deb Robinson

Second Grade

Image of Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes

Third Grade

Image of Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Third Grade

Image of Jillian Boyette

Jillian Boyette

Fourth Grade

Image of Jillian Boyette

Natalie Hughes

Fourth Grade

Image of Ali Herrmann

Ali Herrmann

Fifth Grade

Image of Lizzy Montgomery

Lizzy Montgomery

Sixth Grade

Image of Ginger Parson

Ginger Parson

Sixth Grade

Image of Christa Lawhorn

Christa Lawhorn

Elementary Aide

Image of Lisa Lozano

Lisa Lozano

Elementary Aide

Image of Amanda Nix

Amanda Nix

Elementary Aide

Secondary Faculty

Image of Andrew Carlson

Andrew Carlson


Image of Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris

MS English / MS Geography

Image of Rebekah Lott

Rebekah Lott

Music / Spanish

Image of Bradley Menne

Bradley Menne

MS Math

Image of Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery

MS Bible / MS Science / MS History

Image of Ashlynn Olsen

Ashlynn Olsen

PE / Computer

Image of Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen

Athletic Director

Image of Justin Pearson

Justin Pearson


Image of Staci Ramos

Staci Ramos

MS English / MS Science

Image of David Stanczak

David Stanczak


Support Staff

Image of Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Administrative Secretary

Image of Barbie Lawwell

Barbie Lawwell

Financial Secretary

Image of Amanda Stephan

Amanda Stephan

Elementary Secretary

Image of Tammy Lancaster

Tammy Lancaster

Food Services Manager

Image of Crystal Alcantar

Crystal Alcantar