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Friday, April 28

Upgrading Our Security

Our hearts break for the families of those affected by the recent Covenant School shooting in Nashville. In the wake of this tragedy, we want to do more to protect our students and staff as well as provide peace of mind for our parents by upgrading the security measures of our facilities.

Security Cameras & Monitoring

  • 40+ cameras for main buildings
  • Outdoor cameras on sports fields and maintenance facilities
  • Digital storage for security footage


Estimated Cost


Improved Door Locks & Access

Replaces all mag-lock devices and installs locks and additional systems to monitor door status. Night locks and barricades for classroom doors.


Estimated Cost

On-Campus Security Vehicle

A fully equipped security vehicle that allows our security team to quickly respond to potential on-campus emergencies.



Estimated Cost

Bulletproof & Resistant Windows

Laminating our windows and glass with bulletproof and bullet-resistant materials.

$80 – $125
per square foot

Estimated Cost

Additional Security Measures

  • Ongoing staff training & resources ($3,000+ annually)
  • Campus signage for entrances, no trespassing, etc. ($2,000)
  • Trauma medical kits & training supplies ($2,500)

Donate Today

By donating to this year’s Walkathon, you will be contributing to a safer future for the students and staff of our school.

Donate Online

You can give a one-time or recurring donation online via credit/debit card or secure bank transfer.

You can also donate via cash or check by bringing your gift to the school office.

For more information about this event, please contact our offices at 615.890.0894 or send an email to

Become a Sponsor

We are inviting local businesses to get involved with our annual FRCS Walkathon! In return for your generous donation, we will provide several opportunities for advertisement for your business giving your brand exposure to many families in the Middle Tennessee area.

See the sponsor levels below:


What are the participant prizes?

Students receive prizes based on the amount of sponsorship they obtain.


Elementary Fun Day

We are hosting a carnival for all elementary students who raise at least $50.00 for the Walkathon! Also, elementary classes that reach their class goal will receive a 2-hour fun day pass for the entire class!


Lunch Credit

Students who raise $250 or more will receive credit on their school lunch account!


Exam Permits

Students in grades 7-12 who raise $50.00 or more will be permitted to leave school at 11:45 AM during exam week!


Tuition Credit

Students who raise $5,000 or more will receive credit on their school tuition!

Prize Breakdown

Raise $50

2 Hour Fun Day Pass (K3 – 6)

1 Day Exam Permit (7 – 12)

Raise $100

4 Hour Fun Day Pass (K3 – 6)

3 Day Exam Permit (7 – 12)

Raise $250

Lunch Credit of $25

Raise $500

Lunch Credit of $50

Raise $1,000

Lunch Credit of $100

Raise $5,000

Tuition Credit of $1,000

Raise $10,000

Tuition Credit of $2,500

Have a Part in Keeping Our School Safe and Protecting Your Student

Walkathon Rules

1. Students may start collecting pledges as soon as they receive the pledge sheets. Reminder: April 27 is the deadline to turn in your pledges.

2. Each sponsor making a pledge should write their own name, pledge per lap, and maximum pledge. Students may collect the pledge in advance but must turn them in to their teacher on Wednesday, April 27, in their Walkathon envelopes during home room.

3. On the day of the Walkathon, each class will start walking at 8:30 AM on our parking lot. Each lap is approximately 1/4 mile (Preschool students will participate in a tricycle ride which will began at 9:00 AM and last for 30 minutes).

4. Upon the student’s completion of the Walkathon, each student’s lap total will be recorded on their pledge sheet. Students may collect outstanding pledges. Please return pledge sheets within the collected money for Standard Sponsorships to FRCS by Friday, May 6 (Corporate Sponsorship pledges can be received as late as May 13, 2022).

5. No running or jogging will be allowed. Participants are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny or bring rain gear if it’s rainy. To avoid injury, please dress appropriately for walking.

6. Dress code: PE shorts that are to the knee, good tennis shoes, and an FRCS t-shirt may be worn for this activity. Please bring school clothes to change into after you have walked.

7. Students who do not participate will remain in class. Students who are planning to walk must raise a minimum of $25.00 to walk.

8. You can bring your own lunch or lunch may be purchased for $6.00 in advance. Lunch includes: sub sandwich, chips, drink, and dessert. You can order this meal on RenWeb.

9. Adults are encouraged to participate. However, there will be a fee of $25.00 for all those who want to participate without obtaining sponsors. We ask that you dress according to the school standards outlined in our handbook.